March 10, 2022

What are the Elements of Conversational Sales Value?

Measuring and delivering what customers truly want can be hard to track. Customers don’t always display consistent behaviors, making it difficult to determine what matters most to a customer. However, there are building blocks of value that professionals can utilize to better identify the value in customer engagement, improve the quality of their sales meetings, and put the focus on what matters most.

The truth is that too many sales professionals focus their attention on the pricing side of sales without putting enough emphasis on how customers will react to those sales. More marketing emphasis needs to be placed on aspects like customer perceived value and conversational insights to truly understand what consumers want and the issues that must be addressed to close deals. The elements of conversational value range from asking questions to gaining insights, becoming the type of sales professional that looks beyond profit-making to extend premium value. 

Understanding How Customer Perceived Value Helps Conversational Sales Value 

Two groups working at the office.

Studying customer perceived value help professionals understand true conversational sales value

Before understanding the elements of value, it’s vital to study customer perceived value and realize how central it is to help professionals understand the value of a conversation. Simply put, customer-perceived value is how a customer perceives a product or service. The perceived value of a service or product carries a lot of weight because it shows how much it is worth to that customer and the key points of the service/product that must be emphasized during meetings to convince the customer of its genuine value. Calculating the customer perceived value requires subtracting the total customer cost from the total customer value. 

There are functional and emotional elements affiliated with the customer perceived value that must be considered to shape a service’s core value and create core action items for future sales meetings. 

How the Elements of Conversational Sales Value Work 

Three men discussing business strategy.

Conversational sales value includes various elements that optimize sales meetings and identify key insights of customer value

There are several building blocks of value that professionals must know to understand what drives a customer’s decision-making process. The building blocks include functional, emotional, and life-changing elements, as well as measuring social impact. 

Functional Elements 

The functional elements of conversational sales value are arguably the most important because they provide practical and useful value drivers that help professionals gain useful insights to utilize in future sales meetings. 

The functional elements of conversational sales value focus include simplifying actions and processes, as well as saving time, and providing monetary benefits. Functional elements also include the ability to integrate multiple aspects of a process, providing much-needed agility to approaching customers. The functional element also contains strong connectivity, helps employers and employees alike to get work done while exerting less effort, and reduces as much hassle as possible. This element of value also saves money during any transaction, provides variety, and offers as much reliable information as possible. 

Emotional Elements 

The emotional elements of conversational sales value require a strong, long-lasting connection with customers, maximizing consumer value while improving the meaningfulness of consumers. The emotional elements of conversational sales value also require one to ask questions and gain key insights to make smart, data-driven decisions that upgrade the quality of sales meetings as sales professionals directly address unique consumer needs. 

The emotional elements of conversational sales value reduce anxiety, allowing all parties involved in a sales meeting to feel more comfortable as they know the parameters and purpose involved. Emotional elements of value also: 

  • Provide benefits for all involved 
  • Possess a badge value, representing an aspiration that the customer has 
  • Provide therapeutic well-being 
  • Offer accessibility and exclusivity 
  • Improve the mental and physical state 

Using the emotional elements of conversational sales value allows professionals to form viable and trustworthy relationships that help businesses to better measure the customer perceived value and provide added value to customers when trying to secure deals. 

Life-Changing Elements 

Anytime a service offers life-changing value, it bodes well for a business as it enacts some sort of personal transformation within a consumer, making him or her feel like life is better off using the service. Additionally, when engaging in sales meetings, the service in question elicits a strong, positive response that presents newfound opportunities for the consumer. 

Self-actualization and motivation are key as life-changing elements of conversational value provide a feeling of personal fulfillment while helping consumers achieve their goals. Plus, these elements create action items that make customers feel like they’re investing in themselves and not just a service. 

Social Impact 

Even more important than self-actualization is self-transcendence, an aspect that is fundamental to the social impact of conversational sales value. By making conversations more personal, informal and straightforward, sales meetings become more than just a conversation about how a business’ service helps consumers, they become conversations that help consumers identify a purpose for using the service, with AI takeaways helping to judge how meaningful an impact the conversation is. The higher the social impact is, the more value a business has beyond the typical sales parameters, boosting brand reputation and ensuring everyone involved in the sales process feels important. 

The elements of conversational sales value improve the sales process on a business and personal level, preaching the value in conversations and services more than simply emphasizing price. Versational provides a conversational assistant solution to ensure you reap the improved business value from boosting your conversational value. Try our product for free today. 

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