AI-Ally™ creates a lasting impact at the Economics of Financial Technology Conference 2023 in Edinburgh

We are thrilled to announce the tremendous success of Versational's presentation on 'AI-powered FinTech research: unlocking audio and video insights at scale’ at the Economics of Financial Technology Conference 2023 in Edinburgh.

Unleashing the Power of AI-Ally™

The highlight of the presentation was the launch of AI-Ally™. The concept of an AI-powered assistant that can extract invaluable insights, action items, and summaries from vast amounts of audio and video data, certainly resonated with the audience. This is a major breakthrough that has the potential to greatly transform the scale at which such analyses can be performed.

Dr. Taylor Spear: A Valued Contributor

We were honored to have Dr. Taylor Spear introduce Versational and give a session on the challenges and benefits of Generative AI technology.

Watch Geof Baker, CEO & Co-Founder of Versational and Dr. Taylor Spear share the highlights of their session

A Remarkable Opportunity

Participating in this conference and engaging with brilliant minds has been a remarkable opportunity for us. We are confident that Versational's AI-powered solutions will have a profound impact on the future of FinTech research.

AI-Ally is a powerful new AI assistant that can help to reduce meetings, capture knowledge, and keep everyone in the loop. It is a significant leap forward in productivity and collaboration. Listen to Geof Baker, CEO & Co-Founder of Versational demonstrate how the application of the right AI assistant can significantly help researchers.

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