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Unlock Work Productivity with AI-Ally Prompts

Meetings are an integral part of our professional lives, but they often consume a significant amount of our time and productivity. However, with the emergence of AI-Ally, we can transform our post meeting experiences with ease. AI-Ally is the first GenAI bot that can query hundreds of long, multi-party recordings simultaneously to deliver precise, relevant responses with source attribution from a private LLM. AI-Ally answers in 15 languages, completes tasks, poses insightful questions, and generates domain-specific content from pre-built prompt libraries.

It empowers rapid decision-making, problem-solving, and content generation from vast unstructured data sources. It up-skills teams by generating training content and video snippets from conversation history.

In this blog, we explore how AI-Ally can be a game-changer for your business and work, We address concerns about security and provide valuable prompts examples to optimize meetings for various purposes.

Ensure Privacy with AI-Ally

AI-Ally is powered by a private LLM (Large Language Model) specifically designed for different domains. Unlike public LLM models, such as ChatGPT, Bard or Bing, AI-Ally ensures the protection of proprietary information. You do not stand the risk of a public LLM ingesting your confidential information as training data with serious consequences.

Unleash the Power of AI-Ally

The power of AI-Ally lies in its versatility; you can ask AI-Ally just about anything! By utilizing prompts, AI-Ally unveils crucial insights after each meeting, making it effortless for teams to explore, analyze, and discover valuable information from recorded meetings, chats and internal corpus. Let's explore the possibilities of Ask-Ally prompts in different applications:

  • Generates Content: Whether you need to draft a report, a press release, an article, or any written material, AI-Ally can be your reliable content generator. Simply start your prompt with ‘write…’ to harness AI-Ally’s creative abilities.

  • Answers Meeting-Related Questions: To extract specific information from an individual meeting or across multiple meetings, include the phrase ‘ this meeting / in all the meetings’ in the end or start with the phrase 'For this meeting/ for all the meetings…’ in your prompt. AI-Ally will analyze the meeting's content and provide you with accurate answers and insights.

  • Provides Suggestions: Consider AI-Ally as your reliable assistant. By providing relevant details and seeking advice, you can prompt AI-Ally to offer valuable suggestions tailored to your needs.

  • Solves Problems: AI-Ally can be your problem-solving companion. Whether you're facing an issue or seeking guidance, AI-Ally is equipped to assist. By presenting clear problem statements and context, you can ask AI-Ally to generate solutions that align with your requirements.

Understand AI-Ally Prompts for Meetings

AI-Ally prompts for meetings are specific text inputs designed to maximize the potential of your meeting sessions. These prompts assist with summarizing discussions, capturing insights, resolving issues, even getting context for clarifications and misunderstandings. Moreover, with prompts that are pre-built to reduce hallucination, users can be more confident in the accuracy of the output.

To create effective AI-Ally prompts, it is crucial to keep the following tip in mind:

  • Be Clear and Specific: Clear and specific prompts result in better outputs. Clearly state your requirements to AI-Ally, enabling it to provide more meaningful and valuable responses.

Optimize AI-Ally Prompts for Relevant Responses

Use tailored prompts to extract the most precise responses. Here are some examples.

Prompt 1. I want you to act as a team leader. Generate a standup report for this meeting.

  • Summarize today's stand-up meeting
  • List the updates and progress shared by team members
  • Identify any blockers or challenges mentioned
  • Note the action items and responsibilities assigned
  • Capture any additional information or announcements.



Prompt 2. What did Orit say about product development in all the above meetings?

Prompt & Response

Prompt 3. What next steps were agreed and will be leading them?

Prompt & Response

Prompt 4. What measures can be taken to improve customer feedback?

What would you suggest?

Prompt & Response

Prompt 5. How can the issue regarding data usage and privacy be solved?

Prompt & Response

Transform Remote Meetings with AI-Ally Prompts

By leveraging AI-Ally prompts, you save time on follow-up and keeping others in the loop, particularly for distributed teams working remotely. AI-Ally is easy and familiar to use and generates value within seconds. By using AI-Ally prompts effectively, you can unlock valuable information, save time, and get the most out of your meetings.

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