InteliGems Holdings Announces Strategic Investment in InteliGems® Labs’ Odyssey, a Private Multi-Modal AI Solution

The InteliGems Holdings family office announced a $1.2 million investment in Odyssey, a first-of-its-kind private, multi-modal AI and natural language processing (NLP) solution developed by InteliGems Labs®. This investment builds upon InteliGems Holdings' initial investment of $1.6 million in Versational® in 2022 and is grounded in the conviction that these technologies drive business growth, innovation and productivity. Versational is available to Odyssey customers as an added benefit, and Odyssey can also be used as a stand-alone solution.

InteliGems Holdings’ Financial Advisor Purvi Gandhi stated: "InteliGems Labs’ innovative and advanced AI solution, Odyssey, directly drives small and medium-sized businesses to gain an overnight edge through rapid and cost-effective adoption of AI. Odyssey enables businesses to integrate diverse data sources and deploy GenAI use cases with domain-specific small language models, making AI adoption relatively effortless. This advanced technology along with InteliGems Labs’ recent client wins in Life Science and Fintech sectors are the key reasons we had the conviction to invest further in this company.”

Sanjay Rakshit, Co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer at InteliGems Labs, added: "This investment enables us to attract top AI talent, launch our developer version and invest in sales and marketing. It also helps accelerate our development of groundbreaking proprietary models for finely tuned use cases as platforms for language models become a commodity. As the cost of GPUs increases and AI energy consumption skyrockets, further investment in our NLP chunking will attract large customers with exploding computing costs.”

According to Sanjay, “we’ve made several advancements over the course of these two rounds:”

· First release of the private multi-modal AI platform (May 2023): The Odyssey AI platform seamlessly integrates text, video, and unstructured data, enabling businesses to gain deeper and more comprehensive insights for private knowledge.

· Groundbreaking NLP compression technology lowers computing bills by 30% and reduces carbon footprint: This technology significantly reduces the computational cost of processing large amounts of language data, making AI solutions more accessible and cost-effective for businesses.

· Domain-Aware Table AI (DocuTable AI™): This document processing and query technology surpasses commercial and open-source models for Optical Character Recognition and document AI by extracting structured data, including text and footnotes in images and columnar text, from images and complex PDFs.

· Versational – Microsoft Integration: The first-of-its-kind marketplace app that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. It reduces meeting times by 35% and follow-up work by 75% by automatically summarizing meetings and insights within user workflow.

· AI-Ally™ Breakthrough (March 2023): Versational’s AI-Ally™ became the first intelligent bot to leverage generative AI for the analysis of multiple recordings simultaneously, providing valuable insights beyond single-transcript analysis.

About InteliGems Holdings

InteliGems Holdings is a family office focused on investing in innovative and impactful technologies.  Inteligems Holdings’ investments are driven by a deep conviction in the power of AI to drive business growth and productivity in addition to generating substantial returns.

About InteliGems Labs®

InteliGems Labs is a pioneer in private, multi-modal AI solutions that unlock competitive advantage for organizations where compliance and privacy are paramount. InteliGems Labs transforms siloed data into unique insights at 30% lower computing cost.  

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