Use Case: Marketing

What are your competitive advantages?

Uncover what customers really want and feel in minutes.

Achieve market-message fit by analyzing intent, sentiment and perceived value
Mine topics that optimize your conversions and paid media spend
Discover trends by market segment, account and deal stage
Align your stakeholders with playlists of important buyer talking points.
Product marketing analyzing conversation intelligence topics to optimize conversions and paid media spend.
"Versational is a force multiplier - we're having to do more with less these days. It's not possible to hire enough qualified people to get the analysis and amount of work done to support our sales team”

— Fabien S, Group Digital Product Head
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Discover what matters to your customers

Extract phrases by topic while analyzing sentiment, perceived value and interactions.

Choose from pre-trained AI topics, create your own topics, or learn new topics unguided
Choose from pre-trained AI topics, create your own topics, or learn new topics unguided
Remove guesswork. Track the impact of your 'voice of customer' programs with dashboards and custom reports using customer conversations.
Automatically detect certain words or phrases important for pipeline conversion, sales messaging, objections, competitors, features, customer issues or market opportunities.

Loop in co-workers without having them attend every meeting

Pin your top customer insights to playlists in just 1 click.

Cut your time-to-market by sharing important snippets across teams
Turn customer talking points into themes for marketing copy
Improve accountability and foster collaboration across teams
Onboard new hires faster with customer scenario playlists.
 app screenshot - playlists folders
Versational AI extract questions and answers from meetings for better discovery, follow-up and undertanding of context. Helps resolve issues, solve problems, identify customer needs.

Get immediate answers to urgent questions

Make informed decisions with AI insights for buyer responses.

AI analyzes responses for sentiment, feelings and authenticity
AI pairs Q&As with value-based insights
AI identifies interactions that boost buyer purchase intent by 35%
Organizes Q&As efficiently for structured interviews; 1:1 or multi-party meetings.

Mine your conversations for market intelligence

Segment conversational insights and topics to improve marketing ROI.

Pinpoint what works and what does not in your sales pipeline journey
Differentiate with competitive intelligence
A powerful search that finds what you are looking for throughout your recordings.
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“In my role, it's critical that I provide narratives that differentiate our offering. I really like how quickly Versational can search recordings of sales and customers meetings, find what I need, and extract quotes for testimonials and white papers.”

- Tinne V, Marketing Manager

Discover your true voice of the customer

Reveal essential insights that improve products, relationships and revenue.

Validate customer priorities, goals and expectations with queries, analytic results, reports, dashboards and alerts
Decode conversation context to optimize campaigns, close sales and improve customer experiences
Make a compelling business case with recordings of how customers will respond.

Capture a 360° view of every customer interaction

Create reports based on conversation intelligence analytics to benefit the entire organization.

Help your sales reps drive conversions by showing what customers value
Let the account team know what customers expect before they onboard to increase retention and NPS
Convince the development team that customers really do want the features being built
Know your customer pulse by analyzing the intent, sentiment and perceived value of every customer phrase and interaction.
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Get more value out of your revenue platforms

Easily connect your CRM, calendar and preferred meeting platforms
Enhance your customer data with relationship intelligence.

Search out key information

Find what you need instantly across all conversations.

Search globally across all recordings, notes and comments
Use power filters and keywords to search all your recordings and playlists.

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