Turn conversations into actions, intelligently

Discover insights (AI-Gems™) in every recorded conversation
AI generates instant follow-up on issues
and tasks
Reduce unnecessary meetings by 30% with video highlights sharing
AI-Ally™ answers your prompts without exposing your data.

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How does Versational® work?

Record, capture and share your insights in 3 easy steps.

1. Discover

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2. Action

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3. Feedback

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Save editing time with industry leading accuracy

Transcribe at 93% accuracy
Identify 20 speakers at 85% accuracy
30% less editing time with automated key phrase extraction
Record from any browser, upload or integrate.
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 app screenshot - highlights tab

Never miss an action item or issue

No delays in next steps. 1-click AI email writer.  

Receive actionable takeaways without taking notes
Detect action items and issues by speaker automatically at 84% accuracy
Assign, schedule and confirm action items
AI makes email with next steps, recap and meeting link.

Discover what people value -
Human plus AI insights

Extract speaker gems by topic while analyzing for sentiment, intent and interactions.

Sales AI-Gems™ captures what buyers value  
Project AI-Gems™ discovers takeaways in your stand-ups
Meeting AI-Gems™ extracts what’s actionable
AI-Topics™ lets you track custom topics
Unsupervised topics finds emerging themes
 app screenshot - Q&A tab

Extract insights from your questions

AI pairs meeting Q&As with actionable insights.

AI pairs Q&As for issues clarification, expert explanations, decision-making, sales insights and interviews.  
AI analyzes responses for sentiment, feelings and authenticity
AI identifies interactions that boost buyer purchase intent by 35%
AI organizes Q&As for structured interviews, 1:1s, or large meetings.

Never lose or forget important context

Loop in co-workers without having them attend every meeting.

Pin audio or video snippets to custom playlists for sharing, comment or personal use
Preserve speaker context for tracking decisions made, understanding issues, hiring and celebratory moments
Onboard new hires with real-life training scenarios
Share important customer talking points for cross-functional teams.
 app screenshot - playlists folders
 app screenshot - CRM sync feature

Less time in your CRM

Automate 5 hours of weekly data entry.

Automatically syncs with your CRM
Auto-fill account, contact, note and event records with action items, extracted insights and important context
Auto-assign speakers to your CRM Contacts.

Nurture relationships intelligently

Find influencers, relationship risks and growth opportunities in your accounts.

Contact Directory provides a unified view of recorded conversations by speaker and organization
Build rapport faster by identifying your contact's communication style
Track trending sentiment, Q&As, needs, issues and intent by contact
Get ready for meetings with prior action items, issues and summaries.
 app screenshot -  contact directory
 app screenshot - metrics dashboard

Find out ways to improve your conversations

Leading behavioral science metrics help you increase your conversation value.

Get Conversation Intelligence after every call
Drill down for suggested actions you can take

Find what you need instantly

Discover what people are saying about issues, product features or anything recorded.  

Discover patterns and trends in the voice of customer
Search globally, share, pin to playlists or export
Filter or search by words, phrase, tag, topics, speaker and more
Go to any video or audio location for context.
 app screenshot - search feature on recordings
 app screenshot - table of recordings

Locate everything in one place

Get ready for meetings with prior action items, questions and insights.

Get notified when important topics are discussed or missed in your absence
Access and filter your recordings by tag, team, speaker and much more
Upload any audio or video recording format.

Mine your conversations for intelligence
and impact with Versational®

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The easiest way to increase your conversational value

Improve team effectiveness 
Become more effective in meetings

“I love how I can click on a spot in my transcript, play it back, and create a snippet for my playlist. It’s great to share snippets of what a customer is saying with team members who were not at the meeting.”

— Beth C.

“I can't be in all my project meetings to ask questions or respond to issues and risks. Many times, top issues and risks aren't covered. Versational summarizes the top issues, risks, and actions from every meeting. I get the context I need to follow up quickly and focus on those projects where it matters”

— Vineeta Maitra, Senior PM

"Versational is a force multiplier - we're having to do more with less these days. It's not possible to hire enough qualified people to get the analysis and amount of work done to support our sales team."

— Fabien S, Group Digital Product Head

"One of my biggest challenges is finding time to schedule stakeholders for decisions and issues. With Versational, scheduling conflicts don't get in the way of progress. I can share meetings and send highlights to sponsors. I get quick turnarounds and comments. My stakeholders also appreciate the context and respond better. Turnaround on issues has never been faster."

— Stephanie D. PM

“In my role, it's critical that I provide narratives that differentiate our offering. I really like how quickly Versational can search recordings of sales and customers meetings, find what I need, and extract quotes for testimonials and white papers.”

— Tinne V, Marketing Manager

“I can’t tell you how many times a customer conversation opened my eyes to a problem or roadmap opportunity that I was unaware of. Versational recognizes common themes in how our customers use our product. It’s great in helping us validate new ideas. We use the AI tracking of sentiment and reactions for certain topics in our sales demos and customer training sessions.

— Paul W. Senior Product Lead

Connect your meeting takeaways with everyday tools

Seamless integrations in minutes. It’s that easy.

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Versational AI captures project meeting action items, turns them into tasks, and exports to Jira.Versational AI captures meeting actions items,  turns them into tasks and exports to Asana.  Versational AI captures project meeting action items, turns them into tasks, and exports to Monday.Versational AI captures project meeting action items, turns them into tasks and exports to Airtable.Versational AI captures project meeting action items, turns them into tasks and exports to Airtable.

Always keep your data secure

Your data is encrypted and stored at the highest standards.

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How can Versational® help?

“Everyday I’ve got back-to-back calls and Teams meetings. I’m struggling to prep for meetings, update my calendar, follow-up, do CRM data entry and keep everybody informed.”

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