Capture the value of meeting conversations

Our connection with others starts with the value of our conversations.

We help you capture the gems in every conversation. Uncover what really matters, make better decisions and streamline your follow-up.  

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Our Story

In early 2021, an idea was hatched. What if we could eliminate note scribbling in video meetings and tedious task entry afterwards? What if we could capture crucial context for action items and issues to minimize the back-and-forths that drain our energy? And imagine, what if we could update others with AI to have fewer meetings?

We interviewed hundreds of people and scanned the market. While we found meeting tools that offered summaries and great agenda templates, they fell far short in accurately capturing action items, requiring extensive editing. Few solutions addressed the true pain points: reducing the number of meetings, eliminating time-consuming busywork, including data entry into project tools and CRMs and automating follow-up to keep everyone in the loop. We knew we could do better. Getting back your day to focus on what really matters became our mission. With our experience in AI speech technology and AI-Gems, we believed we could improve interactions and detect conversation value in meetings.

We assembled a small team to work on novel AI models to achieve just that. From there, we narrowed our focus: helping people become more productive and stay ahead. This means having fewer meetings, keeping others in the loop, efficient follow-up on actions, preserving knowledge from meetings, improving team interactions and finally, enhancing conversation value.

Today, we’re thrilled to offer one of the first AI applications that helps you become more productive by turning conversations into actions, uncovering value, streamlining follow-up, encouraging remarkable team interactions, and ultimately, tapping into the vast stores of knowledge spoken in meetings with Ask AI-Ally.

Versational is the branded AI work productivty application for Inteligems Labs®. Inteligems empowers businesses and developers to deploy plug-and-play, AI-powered solutions that improve human interactions, productivity and knowledge while delivering tangible results.  Learn more about how Inteligems generative and speech AI technology powers Versational.