Our mission is to increase the value individuals, teams, and organizations gain from the conversations they have and turn conversations into action through AI.

Our Story

In early 2021, an idea was hatched. The pandemic was in full force, with millions of us working remotely. We jumped from one virtual meeting to the next. Fatigue set in. Video cameras were being turned off. We lost something: our human connection.

We wondered how we could re-establish this connection in the new normal.

What if we could help remove constant note scribbling in video meetings and eliminate time wasted on data entry after meetings?

We interviewed hundreds of people and scanned the market. We found competitors too focused on ordinary transcription or surveillance rather than helping people improve their conversational value.

We assembled a small team to work on novel AI models to achieve just that. From there, we’ve narrowed our focus: to help people have more enjoyable conversations while improving their conversational value.

Today, we’re thrilled to offer one of the first AI applications that turns conversation into action, uncovers value, and delivers feedback on how to improve your engagement with others in virtual meetings.


Versational started in 2021 with a global team of PhDs, data scientists, engineers, designers, and customer success professionals. Our team has founded over 20 successful technology companies in digital healthcare and fintech, and achieved several exits. While physically distant, our team has developed strong comradery. We’re soccer nuts, outdoor enthusiasts, and love to travel while working remotely.

Social Good

Versational strives to make a positive difference locally and globally contributing to a good cause.