How to Use AI to Help You Praise Remote Workers

Artificial intelligence is the driving force behind enhancing various experiences, and for employees, it’s no different. AI can not only create nuanced experiences for employees to feel comfortable but offers the necessary support employees need to navigate uncertain times, especially when working from home. 

Employers can use AI to help them facilitate more productive conversations throughout their business. They can engage employees in more meaningful interactions while providing takeaways that help employers better understand their needs and concerns. AI is an excellent foundational point for driving employee experience strategies while helping companies sustain productivity as best as possible. 

Why More Modern Approaches are Needed to Encourage Remote Workers

After more than two years of having to work from home due to the effects of the global pandemic, employees far and wide have contended with the benefits and challenges of remote work. 

For every comfort provided by working in a familiar environment without having to travel, there are drawbacks such as balancing work stress with neverending home responsibilities. Such a balance can be taxing, both physically and emotionally, leading to mental health strains. Increasingly throughout the pandemic, remote workers have reported negative mental health effects while working from home. 

Then, there is the issue of trust on the part of remote team leadership. Since the start of the pandemic, leaders have expressed concern over whether remote workers would stay motivated. They also questioned if their teams were fully attentive behind the scenes. Statistics show that many remote team leaders were skeptical and worried about leading remote teams. This was either because they had never had such an experience or believed they lacked the kind of influence necessary to motivate these teams to work productively. As a result, there were team leaders that led passively when overseeing remote teams, while others over communicated with their teams. All the while, they were unsure whether team members were being efficient at their jobs or not.

Because of the concerns expressed by remote teams and their leaders, modern technology is the outlet necessary to bridge the gap between them. Remote workers need as much support and encouragement as possible as they aim to do their best job from home and deal with any accompanying restrictions. With artificial intelligence tools, leaders can praise their remote teams in subtle and tangible ways, establishing trusting connections. This enhances productivity and efficiency. 

Artificial intelligence adds value and emotional insights to conversations, helping team leaders to recognize when their remote employees need encouragement or are feeling burnt out. The latter is being expressed at a frighteningly high level ever since the pandemic started. 

AI Drives Business Value and Enacts Radical Change 

Using artificial intelligence to praise workers signifies a dedication on the part of business leaders to facilitate radical change rather than make incremental improvements. Leaders must invest more resources due to the skill shortage in various industries and the rising hiring costs businesses face. This demands more tactful approaches to getting the best out of the current workforce. 

Remote work is by no means a new concept suddenly generated by the pandemic, but a concept significantly adopted and enhanced because of it. Rather than using archaic methods of leadership and connecting those methods with the ever-changing demands of workers, leaders should leverage artificial intelligence to establish fruitful connections with employees and use the technology to optimize their business processes.

The Impact of AI

For one, managers can use project management software powered by artificial intelligence to predict burnouts, analyze the time spent on projects, as well as resource utilization rates. Such software ensures that leaders don’t overuse their resources, which causes employee attrition and puts the business in jeopardy. 

In addition to recognizing burnout when it’s happening, artificial intelligence tools can help remote team leaders designate meeting periods and extract meaningful takeaways. Burnout is exacerbated when time is wasted. A good example is a meeting that could have been replaced by a simple email. Countless statistics illustrate that most meetings are either ineffective, unproductive, or unnecessary, depending on what the discussion is about. Artificial intelligence tools allow remote team leaders: 

  • Set meetings at the most convenient times for everyone involved 
  • Gather actionable insights 
  • Collect key takeaways

As a result, remote teams spend less time drawn away from work and more time being productive. 

With more productive meetings, there are greater opportunities for remote team leaders to praise their employees and credit their contributions to various business initiatives. Artificial intelligence encourages feedback and garners engagement signals that improve conversational value. AI provides the technological element that supplements emotion and human nature. This helps leaders to see the challenges their teams face working from home and deriving different ways of how they can help. Also, teams can connect in more tangible ways, meaning that AI helps leaders identify clear indicators that successfully engage leaders and employees in the strongest ways possible. 

Artificial intelligence provides the sort of conversational and business value that allows businesses to facilitate better teamwork while easing the tensions and uncertainties surrounding remote work. Versational provides a conversational assistant solution to ensure team leaders connect with their teams in the most effective ways possible and give employees the praise they deserve. Try our product for free today. 

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