5 Keys Benefits of Conversational Intelligence Implementation

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Conversational Intelligence is used to build trust through non-verbal communication and language, creating seamless and contactless consumer experiences. Conversational intelligence leverages artificial intelligence to analyze speech and text to create useful, data-driven insights from conversations between sales professionals and customers/clients. The data garnered from conversational intelligence technology are streamed between various systems like customer relationship management and analytics platforms to utilize the data in real-time. 

When implementing conversational intelligence into sales efforts, the aim is to boost conversions and improve the customer experience (CX) while also providing more accuracy and precision with the engagement signals and insights acquired. Conversational intelligence also goes beyond the transactional nature of discussions between sales professionals and customers, focusing on establishing trust and creating a notable, fair value exchange between the parties. The benefit of implementing conversational intelligence has positive effects on productivity and financial performance. Here are five key benefits of conversational intelligence implementation. 

Improving Accuracy 

By utilizing AI tools to implement conversational intelligence, businesses can create platforms for their remote teams to track important insights and points from their customer interactions. Rather than sales professionals relying on their information and takeaways, implementing conversational intelligence tools provides AI takeaways, with the results from customer meetings quickly summarized and the takeaways providing follow-up opportunities to improve conversation quality. 

Implementing conversational intelligence doesn’t eliminate the human element, it enhances it. Human eyes mixed with AI insights makes it easier to extract the most important elements of conversations, leading to faster reviews and more comprehensive feedback. Plus, the tools involved reduce alternate mechanical solutions that limit human exertions, getting desired results faster. 

Creating a Contactless Customer Experience 

Another major benefit of conversational intelligence is that, through automation, you create a contactless customer experience that provides convenience for sales professionals and customers alike. For sales professionals, they can use automated tools to enhance seller value in buyer conversations and identify engagement signals, utilizing these insights to have more meaningful conversations with customers through their preferred channel. Conversational intelligence allows businesses to replicate face-to-face interaction with a more personal and nuanced approach. 

Additionally, conversational intelligence gains much-needed visibility into the customer journey, covering human conversations and digital clicks. By doing so, teams can attain more revenue-focused insights to accelerate growth while helping them develop deeper relationships with their customers. With conversational AI, you can create physical distance between sales professionals and their customers while ensuring they share a closer understanding of each other remotely. 

Establishing Trust 

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Customer value and trust go hand-in-hand.

There can be no meaningful customer interactions without a high degree of trust. Beyond transactions, conversations should involve some level of positioning and persuasiveness, where both sides are comfortable and confident with their information exchanges. By coordinating the right energy in a conversation, more conversational value can be achieved, establishing a connection within a sales interaction or call that goes beyond the typical buyer-customer relationship. 

Conversational intelligence is not just a business concept but a psychological one as well. It preaches partnership, with willing partners sharing and discovering ideas, sharing a language of success that builds brand reputation on the sales side and customer loyalty on the customer side. 

Operating Cost Reductions 

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Operating costs are slashed thanks to increased conversational intelligence

Another benefit of implementing conversational intelligence is that the automation and digitizing of your interactions with customers allow you to run a more cost-effective, budget-friendly business. 

With conversational intelligence tools at your disposal, you can save time on operating and labor costs as you have the tools available to your to track all conversation insights and analyze them. Also, by emphasizing conversational value in an organization, it’s easier to track the performance of sales agents and improve their performance rather than spending on new agents to replace them. The hiring process can be very costly, and the more means that businesses can take to digitize their processes while boosting their close rate and optimizing their profit-making capabilities, the better. 

Greater Efficiency and Productivity 

Finally, conversational intelligence creates better efficiency thanks to identifying buyer signals for engagements and quicker recaps of action items to create a faster follow-up process for teams to improve the quality of their interactions. 

Businesses can also use the AI takeaways they garner from conversational intelligence tools and use them to create coaching and training opportunities to sharpen the skill sets of their employees. Additionally, teams can save themselves several hours each day with their data entry methods thanks to automated data entry. 

With improved productivity and efficiency, businesses can automatically extract mentions of customer value, gain more competitive advantage and improve their marketing positioning, taking a value proposition approach to their dealings with customers. 

Conversational intelligence preaches value, efficiency and establishes deeper connections that improve business performance. At Versational, we provide a comprehensive conversational assistant solution to ensure you reap the improved business value from boosting your conversational value. Try our product for free today. 

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