Stay in the Loop Without Meeting Overload

We have some exciting to news to share with you! We just added several of the most asked for features to Versational® and we think you’ll love them!

First, we’re committed to keeping our prices affordable while increasing Versational’s value to your conversations. There will be no price increases in 2023 and 2024. You’ll continue receiving all the recorded minutes you need at the same great value. Versational has evolved and taken recorded meeting transcriptions to a new level, including using GPT. Today, Versational tells you what’s important after every meeting, automates follow-up tasks and keeps you in the loop. Current subscribers get all these new updates free. If you want to try the new Versational click on the “Be Invited” website banner.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can use it:

  • More third party tool connections
  • New project insights for tasks, issues, decisions and more
  • AI action item highlights
  • AI email writer
  • AI meeting summaries
  • AI meeting outline
  • Enhanced guest view of meeting results
  • Drill-down analytics dashboard

More Connections – Use meeting insights and tasks in your workflow

Versational works where you work without hassle. Easily export your meeting action items, tasks, issues, decisions and insights to your favored project tools and CRMs.

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Powerful Insights - Project AI-Gems™ keep you in the loop

We’ve expanded our popular Sales and Meeting AI-Gems™ to include Project AI-Gems™.

Project Managers can now extract key insights from meetings without having to attend them or listen to the recording. Project AI-Gems™ identifies speakers' context and summarizes Action Items, Issues, Decisions, Identified Needs/Requirements, Business Risks and Goals. This saves you valuable time and helps you stay on top of your work.

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AI Action Item Highlights - Fast, accurate meeting follow-ups

Action item highlights quickly draw attention to next steps for efficient follow-up. You can easily assign action items as tasks with due dates to team members and external guests.

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Generative AI Email Writer -  Save 10X time with instant follow-ups

Versational AI writer offers a simpler, more efficient way to compose emails for follow-up from project meetings, sales calls, job interviews or any recorded conversation. You can send an email follow-up to your assignees or export to your workflow tools in 2-clicks. To save time, Versational leverages GPT to generate a personalized follow-up email in seconds. It can compose your task follow-up 10x faster with 84% accuracy by using actual speaker context, saving you even more time.

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AI  Summaries - Save listening time, focus only on what’s important

We're excited to introduce AI summaries, powered by the same technology used in GPT. With just 3 minutes of reading, you can stay in the loop without being in a 60-minute meeting. Unlike ChatGPT, your confidential information is NOT shared in the public domain to analyze transcripts. Results are also more consistent (1).

The Recordings Page now includes summaries. Scan recaps of what’s important to know from all meeting events or calls so you stay in the loop.

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Improved Collaboration - Enhanced guest view without sign-up hassle

If you share your meeting results with external guests, we’ve improved collaboration with a guest view that now includes transcripts and high-level metrics. .

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Conversation Intelligence Dashboard

Identify the effectiveness of your meeting interactions

Drill Down Analytics Dashboard – Provides drill-down insights across all meetings in your organization, teams or administrator account. Captures knowledge and insight trends from all your meetings. You can identify what’s working, what needs tweaking, and who communicates and responds well, providing ways to improve your conversations and identify the effectiveness of your meeting interactions.

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